Buying new, being energy efficient

Minimising our impact on the environment - maximising the quality of your home, ensuring your utility bills are kept as low as possible.

We’re committed to minimising our impact on the environment so the way we build homes reflects this. The traditional exteriors of our homes are constructed using the latest methods and materials to provide optimum energy efficiency and minimise CO2 emissions.

These measures help you to live in a more energy efficient way and to significantly reduce the running costs of your new home.

Considering the planet before we start to build

See how the energy efficiency of a new home compares with an older home

Quality and efficiency throughout

We’re just as house proud as our customers. We understand how important it is to consider every tiny detail in a home, whether it be the thickness of the carpet in the living room, or the finish of the tiling in the bathroom. Unlike older homes, ours are fitted with up-to-date heating systems, insulation and modern technology, ensuring energy efficiency is at the forefront of our designs.

To bring an older property up to the same specification as a new Morris home could require major upgrade works, such as rewiring, rendering and the refitting of windows and doors.

You can expect to spend more than £70,000* upgrading an older property to meet the standards of a new Shelbourne home. On top of the cost, upgrade works can be disruptive and may need to be staged over a lengthy period of time, preventing you from getting on with living.

  1. New homes are built to acting performance levels making the up to 71%* more energy efficient than a house built up to the end of the last century, generating considerable savings on fuel bills against less energy efficient older properties.
  2. According to the National Home Improvement Council, carrying out improvement work on older homes so that they meet modern standards of energy efficiency could cost thousands of pounds.
  3. In the average second-hand home, water consumption can be as high as 150 litres per person per day. In a new home water consumption is reduced to 120 litres per person per day on average.

When buying a new Shelbourne home you can rest assured that alongside our premium specification, thoughtfully designed layouts and unmistakable character, your home has been crafted with energy efficiency at the core — saving you money for the things matter in life.

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